Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The solar cell that builds itself

Researchers have demonstrated a simple, cheap way to create self-assembling electronic devices using a property crucial to salad dressings. It uses the fact that oil- and water-based liquids do not mix, forming devices from components that align along the boundary between the two.

The idea joins a raft of approaches toward self-assembly, but lends itself particularly well to small components. The work is reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Crucially, it could allow the large-scale assembly of high-quality electronic components on materials of just about any type, in contrast to "inkjet printed" electronics or some previous self-assembly techniques.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top class scanners

Nowadays scanners have become a part of computer in many homes and offices. At least 1 out of 5 computers in America is said to be connected with scanner. It is used to input paper documents or photos into the computer. They are typically scanned as images (like pictures) and stored in TIFF, GIF, or JPG format, and can also be scanned into the Portable Document Format (PDF), or converted to text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). A good scanner helps us to finish our work quicker and easier. Thus having a scanner in every home will be useful for scanning any pictures or documents from paper to computer. Usually scanners are available in various sizes and they can be also classified according to their usage. Among many scanners, the DocketPORT line of scanners is very much popular among the people. They use to sell some top class scanners like syscan docketport 665, 667, 687 and more. The scanners that are sold at this site are of good quality and affordable price. Thus this is the right place for one to buy different types scanners in different sizes. To know more, please visit Docketport.net.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Work from home...

We all know that the home based jobs are perfect for house wives, college going students, retired professionals as well as people who are looking for a part time job. You have seen various advertisements about certain jobs that you can do from your home on the internet. Sure they let you stay in the comfort of your own home, but there are some people out there that are trying to cheat you out of your money by making you think that you can actually have a stay at home job. So, one must be very careful in selecting the right source for getting any home based online jobs. Magnetic Money Miracle is the best place for one to get real home based jobs with ease. They help the individuals to create multiple income streams more successfully, without any risk. So make use of this simple program that provides a lot of residual income for doing some easy online jobs.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sit in I, not in C

Sitting straight for a long time is a very hard matter to do. So, many of us like to sit in cPosture. But sitting in cPosture is not good for our spinal cord. So we should sit straight to make our spinal cord safety. But how can we always sit straight? You can now stop worrying about the way you look while sitting, for iPosture a small gadget, which can be stuck on the skin and buzzes to remind the wearer to sit up straight, helping improve posture, has come to your rescue. The revolutionary device vibrates discretely when the wearer slouches by more than three degrees for one minute. Once the posture is corrected the buzzing stops and users have been found to adopt better habits after wearing the device for four hours a day for up to a month. The iPosture gadget can be worn while sitting, standing or walking, making it ideal for workers who spend hours in front of a computer and can be stuck to the skin, worn as a necklace or attached to a bra strap. It uses a slimline battery like those found in most watches or calculators and monitors posture every few seconds. So this gadget helps many of us to sit in iPosture. It may be bought on the Internet for 50pounds.

Best ad agency

Every large company spends billions of dollars every year on advertising. This is because they know the power and benefits of advertising on multiple ways. It is a powerful medium for creative and profitable communications. While many businesses are now focusing on the internet and email to attract new customers, there are many companies quietly doing very well out of their TV ads. Traditionally these types of ads are used for Brand advertising, but now we are finding more and more companies are using this medium for product and service advertising. In many cases, TV ads can build your brand while promoting your product. Before choosing this type of advertising, one must choose the best ad agency, which is well known in the field of TV advertisements. The mpower media is the best TV ad agency company with thousands of clients and about 10 years of experience. They provide great service for their clients and helps in empowering the clients company. Thus it is the best place for one to promote their company all over the world, through TV.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Acceleration in Global Warming

Thanks to the acceleration in global warming, the Arctic Ocean will lose its ice cover in the next 30 years, says a new study, and not in 100 years as scientists had predicted earlier. New research suggests the Arctic Ocean is already edging towards this grim reality, as the ice cover during summers could shrink to a mere million square km from the existing 4.6 million sq km. So much more open water could be a boon for shipping and for oil and mineral extraction from the seabed. But the flip side is it could trigger upheaval of the ecosystem. Therefore try to save the world from getting spoiled, through global warming.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Create buzz and earn

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